History & American Studies

Corresponding with my research interests, my courses are frequently cross-listed in History and American Studies. This challenges students majoring in either field to think critically about disciplinary boundaries and the opportunities of interdisciplinary scholarship.

To ensure that students learn how to navigate both fields, I incorporate primary sources for analysis and emphasize historical thinking while interpreting the relationship of identity and culture.  I help students place events in their historical and cultural contexts to understand how societal and cultural change occurs over time, while discussing theoretical approaches to analyzing society and culture from different disciplines (Cultural Studies, Sociology, History, Anthropology, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Communication Studies). As a public history practitioner, I challenge students to think critically and creatively about history in public spaces. I also encourage students to reflect on their personal experiences and environment in a larger societal context to help them recognize that historical narratives change depending on when and by whom they were produced.