(at Auburn University, American University, and UMBC at the Universities at Shady Grove)

HIST 7970, Immigration and Technology, Fall 2016

HIST 5000/6000, NASA and the South, Spring 2016

HIST 3970, US Technology Through Foreign Eyes, Spring 2015

HIST 1220, Technology and Civilization II, every spring semester

HIST 1210, Technology and Civilization I, every fall semester

HIST 495 (UMBC) &
AMST320/HIST396 (AU), United States through Foreign Eyes, Fall 2013

HIST 355, Immigration & Oral History, Spring 2013

HIST 130, History of American Popular Culture, Spring 2013

AMST 321/HIST 396, Nation and Immigration, Fall 2012

AMST 321/HIST 332, One Nation Under God: Immigration & Religion, Fall 2011

American Studies
(at American University. Ruhr-Universität Bochum, and University of Kansas)

 AMST 334, Science & Science Fiction in Film, Spring 2013

AMST 200, American Dreams/American Lives: Introduction to American Studies (online), July-August, 2013

AMST 334, Critical Approaches to American Popular Culture (on-line), in collaboration with Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany, May-June 2012

AMST 341, United States through Foreign Eyes, Spring 2012

AMST 334, Studying American Culture: Theories and Practices in Transnational Perspective (on-line), in collaboration with Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany,May-July 2011

AMST 341, Nation and Immigration, Fall 2010

Block Seminar, National Idenitities and Immigration, July 18-22, 2011

AMS 344, Great Migrations in American History, American Studies Program, 2008 (Guest Lecture)

Humanities & Western Civilization
(at University of Kansas)

HWC 204 and 205, Western Civilization I and II, 2004-2006 (graduate assistant for discussion sections)

HWC 205, Western Civilization II, Humanities & Western Civilization Program, 2006  (Guest Lecture)