I have taught a diverse student body in varying settings since high school—from private tutoring in one-on-one settings to formal class settings to online courses in Germany and the United States.  In addition to semester-long courses, I taught compact one-week and six-week summer courses. My courses were attended by undergraduate students majoring in a variety of disciplines, yet mainly in the humanities and social sciences. In addition to teaching academic subjects, I trained colleagues and clients in the use of software tools for the Information Technology industry for ten years.

The face-to-face college courses I  taught varied in size between 10 and 300 students. The discussion sections I led met once weekly for 50 minutes, while the one-week compact course I taught at the University of Bochum in Germany met daily for six hours. The online courses I taught over the past two summers in collaboration with a colleague from the Technical University of Dortmund met with 35 and 38 students respectively (5-10 students in the U.S., 25-33 students in Germany) for seven weeks.